Joseph Nunez


Joseph Before


Joseph After

My name is Joseph Nunez and I am glad I made the right choice for a new and healthy life. The Bariatric program has worked for me. It has impacted my life, from food choices to portion control and exercise into my life. From the time I went to the seminar and met the surgeon it was a choice I wanted to make to change my life and be healthy. I have more self confidence and I have energy that I haven’t felt since my 20’s. I run and exercise daily, sleep all night restfully and I'm able to tie my shoes. I am more productive at work and feel good about myself. My diabetes is controlled and I no longer take medication. I feel like a new person and am looking forward to more weight loss and living a long, healthy life. The team at Loma Linda University have been wonderful and helpful. They've made this life changing experience an easy transition for me Thank you for my new life.