Robotic Surgery Success Stories

At Loma Linda University Medical Center, we celebrate a proven track record of success. Our commitment to whole person healing combined with experienced surgeons leads to happy patients who come through their treatment and go on to live healthy, fulfilling lives.


Robotic surgery in the urology department at Loma Linda University Medical Center is used for surgery on the prostate and other abdominal organs. Many of our patients have undergone the prostatectomy procedure for prostate cancer and are living cancer and side effect free.

Mark Hernandez

Mark was noticing some abdominal pain and was concerned he might have an ulcer. When he went to his doctor for some routine tests, he also had a PSA test–a prostate cancer screening. Despite an elevated PSA count, Mark doubted he had prostate cancer. He was only 45 and in good health, but when further tests came back, his worst suspicions were confirmed–he had prostate cancer.

After watching his father deal with side effects like incontinence and erectile dysfunction after surgery for prostate cancer, Mark was convinced he didn't want a large incision and undergo the older surgical procedure. When Dr. Ruckle mentioned he would be a good candidate for robotic surgery, Mark knew that robotic surgery was the best solution for him. Now he's cancer and side effect free and thankful for his minimally-invasive treatment.

Mike Hernandez

I'm a young guy and I was very concerned that prostate cancer surgery would leave me feeling like an old man. After the robotic prostatectomy, it took a little bit to get back to normal, but now everything works the way it’s supposed to. Mark Hernandez, robotic surgery patient


At Loma Linda University Medical Center, our gynecologists use robotic surgery to provide a precise, minimally invasive surgical option for women needing a hysterectomy or other gynecologic procedure.

Vonnie Jones

Vonnie knew something was wrong when she started losing control of her bladder in the winter of 2012. After visiting her urologist and having a few tests run, she was diagnosed with a total prolapse. Under the advisement of her primary physician, Vonnie came to see a specialist at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She decided to undergo robotic surgery and believes it was the best decision she could have made.

One day after her procedure, Vonnie was back in her home and on the road to a full recovery. She has gone from experiencing problems while simply walking up a flight of stairs to living her active lifestyle again. Vonnie is thankful for the care she received at the medical center and looks forward to enjoying an active life with her family and friends.

Vonnie Jones

Loma Linda had the only doctors that he (my physician) would recommend for me to see, which is the best thing that happened to me…I would send my friends to Loma Linda in a heartbeat. Vonnie Jones, robotic surgery patient