Our Robotic Surgery Services

Robotic Surgery - General Surgery - Dr Keith Scharf

Dr. Keith Scharf says that because Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital is a teaching hospital, it is always on the front line of developing new standards and techniques in robotic surgery that benefit patients during and after their surgery.

Loma Linda University Medical Center is founded on our mission to make man whole in body, mind and spirit. Our health care practitioners are committed to finding whole person healing solutions through extensive patient interaction and compassionate care. Robotic surgery plays an integral role in allowing us to work on the leading edge of technology while maintaining our commitment to patient-centered care.

Our surgeons at Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital provide minimally invasive surgical options for many conditions specializing in the following services:

Robotic Surgery - Surgical Oncology - Dr Carlos Garberoglio

Dr. Carlos Garberoglio believes that when he operates on patients, their entire family is affected and robotic surgery allows patients to recover more quickly and return home sooner to their loved ones.