Robotic Surgery

Urologic Robotic Surgery - Dr Herb Ruckle

Dr. Herb Ruckle explains that robotic surgery at Loma Linda provides greater customization in a patient’s care, a minimally invasive and accurate surgery, and the benefits of a caring team and personalized approach.

Robotic Surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center provides cutting-edge technology paired with unparalleled surgical expertise in the field. We offer robotic surgery for urologic and gynecologic concerns, pairing patients with physicians who are committed to providing minimally invasive surgical solutions while focusing on whole person health.

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Our Surgeons

As the first medical center in the Riverside and San Bernardino county area to have a da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System, our surgeons are unsurpassed in their experience. Committed to whole person health care, our surgeons work to provide the best treatment option for each patient.

Our History

From the first da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System was acquired in 2004, to the addition of our second robot with the opening of the Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital in 2009, to our ongoing research into new surgical procedures and techniques, Loma Linda has always been on the leading edge of medical technology.

Robotic Surgery Treatment Options

Robotic Surgery for Cancer Patients

Robotic Surgery - Surgical Oncology Abdomen - Dr Naveenraj Solomon

According to Dr. Navreenraj Solomon, patients with cancer of the colon, liver, stomach or pancreas can expect less pain, a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery thanks to the leading-edge robotic technology at Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital.

For many patients with cancer, robotic surgery provides a minimally invasive option. With less blood loss and faster recovery times than traditional surgery, robotic surgery can be an ideal solution for cancer patients.

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