Success Stories

Our patients have wonderful stories about their experiences with weight loss surgery and how gaining control of your weight and health can change your life. Here are their stories.

Angela's Story

Angela, a weight loss surgery patient at Loma Linda University Health, shares her journey and how the compassionate care she received at Loma Linda changed her life.

Meshon's Story

Meshon has lost 100 lbs since having bariatric surgery. She shares how the surgery has changed every aspect of her life and how her experience "was nothing short of amazing."

Marcial's Story

Marcial struggled with his weight and took comfort in food. He received support from Loma Linda University Health and has more energy and is given a "second chance."

Johnny's Story

Johnny had weight loss surgery at Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital. Not only has his health improved, he is now able to have the active lifestyle he enjoys.

Jill Story

Jill had struggled with her weight for several years before undergoing bariatric surgery at Loma Linda University Surigcal Hospital. Now she's happier, and experiencing life in new ways. "I told all my friends to go to Loma Linda because it was such a good experience for me," she says.

Weight loss surgery is a journey of ups and downs. If you'd like to share your story with us please email us at